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Your questions concerning this amazing process are probably similar to those asked by many others who, just like you, were faced with some of the same porcelain problems. If so, the answer will be found herein. However, if not, please call us and we will be happy to answer them for you.

Most of our inquiries are about bathtubs, so we will make this the main target of our comments. And while we are on the subject of bathtubs, usually there are only three options to the question, “What can I do with my ugly-looking bathtub?” One must either learn to live with the problem, bear the extra costs and inconveniences of replacing the tub, or refinish it. With this in mind, let’s get on with the questions and answers.

Q: What can I do about getting the shine back on my tub?

A: If you have attempted to clean the tub with normal household cleaners and the tub is still dull or dirty in appearance, there is probably nothing you can do to restore the shine. The original finish has become worn, leaving the pores exposed to absorb the dirt and chemical stains. Unfortunately, the more you scrub, the worse the situation becomes. A new finish or a new tub is the answer.

Q: How long will the new finish last?

A: Since everything is relative, with normal care and proper cleaning, your new finish will last for many years. Peeling seems to be of concern to most customers. This condition is caused by moisture being trapped under the glaze during the process and, at present, will occur within 30 to 60 days after the refinishing. Your five-year full written warranty affords you ample protection against this unlikely possibility.

Q: How long before I can use my bathtub?

A: You may use your tub in two days. The new finish will continue to harden over one month, but poses no problem with normal usage.

Q: Just what is the finish? Is it real porcelain?

A: No, it’s not actually porcelain. It’s an epoxy primer and an acrylic urethane topcoat which, when administered, hardens to a beautiful, high-gloss luster.

Q: How long does it take to refinish my bathtub?

A: Normally between three to five hours. All work is done in the tub area, and there is no mess for you to clean up.

Q: Do you change any of the plumbing fixtures?

A: No. All problems such as leaks or broken fixtures must be repaired before we are scheduled.

Q: So you remove the tub from my home?

A: No. It is done right in your home, in place.

Q: In redecorating my bathroom, should I have the bathtub refinished first?

A: No. All work such as painting, wallpapering and new surround should be done first to avoid any damage to your new finish.

Q: My tub is not connected. Can you refinish it in my backyard or garage?

A: No. The bathtub must be in a place hooked up to running water.

Q: Can’t I just turn off the water to the bathroom instead of fixing the leaking faucets first?

A: No. The technician needs water to flush down the cleaners and chemicals when prepping the tub.

Q: Can you also refinish fiberglass surfaces, ceramic tile and counter tops?

A: Yes. The process and material is similar to that used to refinish a bathtub.

Q: What about shower doors?

A: The technician will remove the shower doors. The side and bottom rails are not removed, but will be masked off. We will reinstall the doors if we are performing the caulking service.

Q: Are there any bad odors from the process?

A: Yes. There is some odor as the finish is drying, but it will dissipate overnight and be gone by morning. The technician will discuss this with you.

Q: Do you refinish sinks and toilets?

A: No. Sink and toilet replacements are now very inexpensive and it’s more practical to purchase new ones.

Q: What cleaners do I use on my new finish?

A: All of the Dow and Lysol tub and tile cleaners are fine. Additionally, items such as Bon Ami, Windex, 409 and Fantastic work very well.

Q: Why isn’t it cheaper to buy a new bathtub?

A: Our best answer to this most frequently asked question is to compare one or more estimates, which reflect the total cost of the installation of a new tub with our price.


I sincerely hope that we have answered all of your questions to your satisfaction. We know you will be pleased with our service. Check out the 'Photo Gallery' on our website.

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